What is the funding for digital radio used for?

Federal government funding supports the community broadcasting sector's digital radio platform infrastructure costs for encoding, data linking, multiplexing and transmission.

In accordance with the legislation, multiplexing transmission arrangements for community digital radio services are shared with commercial broadcasters. Community radio stations access the multiplex through a leasing agreement and access costs are subject to ACCC pricing principals.

Other costs include station support and training, infrastructure planning and project management, administration and legals. There is also support for planning and preliminary implementation of the extension of digital radio, including access for community broadcasters, beyond the existing digital broadcast areas.

Stations cover all expenses for digital content production and studio costs. In addition, as from 2016-17, stations are to cover the expense of a digital radio service fee which will contribute to platform infrastructure and transmission costs. Stations are covering a growing share of the costs themselves.

Government funding for platform and infrastructure costs ensures that community digital radio services are available free-to-air and on a basis which is affordable to stations.

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