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4 MAY 2017 UPDATE:

The community broadcasting sector welcomed an announcement from Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield regarding increase in funding for the community radio sector over the next two years. The additional $6.1m funding is targeted for digital radio ($1.9m in 2017/18 and $2m in 2018/19) and a further $2.2m focused on support for stations affected by the reorganisation of the 803-960 MHz radio frequency band. Find out more.


In 2016, the Labor Party, the Australian Greens and the Nick Xenophon team announced that they would restore community radio funding if elected. The Keep Community Radio campaign sought support from all parties including the Coalition Government by maintaining funding to keep community radio stations broadcasting on digital radio.


The 2016 Federal Budget contained cuts of $1.4 million p.a., funding that was essential to community radio stations' continued broadcasting on digital in 5 capital cities. This put community radio’s standing alongside public and commercial broadcasters is at risk. 

The good news is that community radio has great community support and during this election campaign we’ll be speaking up loud and clear and calling for both the Coalition and Labor to restore the funding if they win government.

We passed the petition below on to government to show the community's support. 

The below was the message we shared via our petition:

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten, as a supporter of community radio I’m asking you to reinstate funding to keep community radio on digital if you win government.

Community radio serves so many Australians; from radio reading for people with a print disability to programming in the different languages spoken across our country, to Indigenous broadcasters, faith based stations, regional stations and youth stations.

Please don’t leave community radio behind.

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    I would be very disappointed if I lost Community Radio
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    Community Radio is a great comfort to many people, especially the elderly and lonely. Please reconsider the importance of this worthwhile service.
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    Community radio = community inclusion, community inclusion helps combat mental health issues and social isolation. Community radio reaches out to our diverse community, it reaches members of our community commercial radio doesn’t. We love community radio, it serves our wonderful diverse nation.
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    I have just bought a DAB radio and the main reason for this was to listen to Three D radio.
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    In a real democracy the funding of community services is what should be done. Just make the rich pay their fare share of tax and don’t get me started on the various corporate backed councils, think tanks and lobbyists, all trying, and succeeding, in routing democracy. If I here another right wing debate about budget repair which only targets the wider community and not those that really have the money I am going to scream. Even the ABC kowtows to this line of thinking. Economics is politco-social science (read not science). The ratings agencies are corrupt (sub-prime mortgage packed securities anyone) and politcally driven. Austerity is just the greedy trying to take back all that we have gained through struggle.
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    Community Radio is a very essential utility for communications throughout our local region. OUR Radio has information available especially when disasters hit the region and the broadcasting is always reliable.
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    peep beep meme creep
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    Far more important than parliamentarian pension plans
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    Community radio provides us all with relevant and important local content over commercialised content. We have one of the most concentrated commercial media ownership environments in the world… resulting in the demise of access to opinions where people can make their own informed decisions about society. Due to this lack of diversity, community radio is more important than ever and contributes greatly to the various voices of the people while engaging them and allowing them to participate and help support cultural diversity, while promoting the togetherness of community. Besides, community radio contributes to the overall media environment in general.
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    Jason Nixon
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